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Get a warning prompt when sending emails outside of your company.

Are you worried about your users carelessly sending emails to the wrong people? Is letting users respond with the wrong attachments a concern for you?

Misdirected emails are a much bigger problem than phishing, ransomware, and brute force attacks. In fact, in organizations with 1,000 employees, at least 800 emails are sent to the wrong person every year.

Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that helps you secure your emails, protects against data loss (DLP), prevents PII and GDPR mistakes and avoids disclosing sensitive information (known in some circles as a spill), especially when sending emails to external domains. It helps users to think before they hit the Send button.

You may have seen warnings in emails about how an email originated from external sources. This Outlook add-in does the opposite and warns you when you are going to send an email outside the company, or if it has sensitive attachments, or too many recipients. It doesn't modify the outgoing email at all (unless you want it to), but rather puts up a warning prompt for the sender.

It uses rules to capture your conditions and to provide the warning prompt text. This way, you can have multiple different rules - say, one for the entire company and others for different departments or organization branches.

With over 10 different checks that can take place on outgoing email, being given a chance to correct any mistakes can be invaluable. Safeguard Send:

  • Warns if you are sending an email outside your company.
  • Warns if you are sending an email to a restricted email address or domain (think Gmail or Yahoo addresses).
  • Warns if you are sending to more than one external domain.
  • Warns when you are about to send an email with social security numbers (or any pattern, like driver licenses, NINs, credit cards, or other account numbers).
  • Warns you if the email you’re about to send contains your sensitive or classified keywords.
  • Includes 5 other safeguard checks on outgoing email.

In addition, to call attention to the exact problem, the text of the warning prompt can be changed, or the email can be prevented from sending altogether. The latter is useful to prevent sensitive keywords or credit card numbers from ever being sent, to comply with either corporate or national privacy policies (like HIPAA). The add-in can also automatically add a BCC recipient and/or prevent the email from being sent altogether until it meets your compliance requirements.

Across all users of this add-in, on average 11% of the time users will go back and revise their email. Eleven percent! That means if your organization has 50 people who send 10 emails a day (which is probably too low an estimate), that 55 emails could have the wrong recipients or the wrong attachments, every day. What would a misdirected email mean for you?

When you sign up for Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365, in addition to the client side Outlook add-in, you get access to a dashboard that allows you centralized control over the add-in for yourself or your entire company. White labeling is available.

This add-in is perfect for anyone in the insurance, banking, finance, and especially those in the legal field looking to avoid malpractice suits - really anyone who values email security and needs to help their users make better decisions when sending email. Don't wait any longer to protect your emails: Get Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365 today and start providing confidence to your users.

This Outlook add-in is available through both Azure Marketplace (which takes advantage of your Azure Subscriptions) or through Microsoft AppSource (which allows you to sign up without an Azure Subscription). When going to signup, note that shared mailboxes are not counted against your user license count.

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Based just south of Jacksonville, Florida, Mike Sperry of Sperry Software has been producing professional Outlook tools for over 20 years.

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