Door Cloud: physical access control & security

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Cloud based physical access control solution that enables you to open doors from anywhere

Door Cloud is a Cloud-based access control hosted on Microsoft Azure. It is a safe, scalable, and flexible access solution in the cloud.

Readerless access
The Door Cloud app turns a smartphone into an access control tool. It eliminates the need for ID card readers and ID cards and significantly reduces implementation time and the costs of access control.
Zero stress access-control management
Keep your facilities safe and secure for employees, contractors, and outside visitors. Easily enable access to the right people at the right time. Monitor real-time happenings in your facilities and increase operational efficiency while our security protocols ensure the highest security standards for your business.
Scalable solution with wide lock compatibility
Door Cloud access control works with standard electric locks and does not require any specific smart lock. It offers professional access control management, which is scalable to hundreds of doors and thousands of users.
Mobile credentials and Key links
Instead of using the reader or ID Card for identification, access control is managed with the use of a mobile app. Not only this, but with Door Cloud access can be granted by simply sending a Key link, a link that can be opened in a mobile browser to unlock the door.
Management in the cloud
Door Cloud enables administrators to implement the desired security standards by setting access rules for individual access points, configuring alarms, and determining various levels of access permission for groups or individuals. Access can be granted or revoked from any location. Alarms can be managed, and lockdowns can be initiated in case something out of the ordinary happens.

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