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SureImpact offers person-centered case management, impact management, dashboards, and analytics

SureImpact is the only technology solution specifically designed for all members of the social-good sector. Our proven collaborative infrastructure combines case management, impact management, reporting, and analytics to enhance your organization’s delivery of mission-critical services, engage your communities, attract new sources of funding, and increase trust with existing funders.

Founder and CEO, Sheri Chaney Jones recognized the critical need for an impact management solution that helps direct service providers and funders collaborate to improve outcomes for individuals and families while also enabling organizations to understand and communicate their social impact. SureImpact gives case managers a 360-view of all client interactions and their outcomes over time, all while increasing your team’s data capacity and expanding your impact in the community. In addition to meeting all of your case management and compliance needs, SureImpact also helps nonprofits measure short, medium, and long-term outcomes on an individual, program, and organizational level. What was once only possible for those who had big budgets for data scientists and third-party evaluators is now an integrated piece of case management software.


Track Data Unique to Your Organization
SureImpact enables you to define and report on the specific outcomes you want to achieve for your beneficiaries, your individual programs, and the community.

Track and Share Outcomes and Impact Over Time
SureImpact enables you to measure outcomes and impact over time on an individual, program, and organizational level.

Increase the Quality of Data Collection
SureImpact automates the data collection process to improve accuracy and reduce time spent on data entry.

Improve Performance
SureImpact removes silos by aggregating data across programs, increasing the efficiency and impact of the entire organization.

Manage Multiple Programs with Ease
SureImpact is specifically designed to help you manage multiple programs with different reporting requirements.

Turn Data into Insight
SureImpact enables leadership to understand the impact of programs and interventions, identify potential areas of improvement, and make changes as needed.

Ensure Equitable Outcomes
SureImpact empowers you to conduct equity analysis to ensure outcomes are equal for different populations.

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