Spectrum Spatial for Big Data

Precisely (formerly Syncsort)

Accelerate business insights by leveraging location

The increasing availability of location-based data, plus the growing capabilities of AI/ML, provide an optimal opportunity for companies to capitalize on location-based data science for a competitive edge. However, across the board, companies are challenged with finding an effective strategy for organizing, consistently enriching, and analyzing location data across the enterprise.

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data runs natively within Microsoft Azure to create scalable, elastic services and provide address validation, geocoding, and spatial processing at scale. Microsoft Azure's open and flexible cloud computing platform, data enrichment, and spatial analytics can reveal actionable insights to drive business strategies and with globally consistent data and accuracy across the world.

Precisely provides industry-leading location enrichment and analytics to many of the largest industries, including mobile telecom, property and casualty insurance, financial services, and more. Knowing how to evaluate, organize, integrate, and geo-enrich the exploding amount of geospatial information will save your data science teams time, deliver data you can trust, and enable accurate insights for faster, more confident decision-making.

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data and Microsoft Azure enable businesses to:

  • Examine large volumes of location intelligence data and identify relationships to quantify risk and uncover opportunities
  • Support AI & ML analytics for operations through an enhanced data foundation
  • Improve real-time access to data insight using geo-enriched data, providing real-life context for experimentation

Learn more about our products:

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data consists of three Software Developer Kits (SDK) designed to run in Big Data and container environments, each can be sold separately or together. All SDKs run natively within Microsoft Azure and AKS.

  • Spectrum Geocoding for Big Data
  • Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data
  • Spectrum Routing for Big Data

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