Synergy eCase: Integrated Case Management

yayıncı: Synergy International Systems

Synergy eCase is a single system for managing the entire case lifecycle from filing to disposition

Improve the citizen experience and build a high trust society with Synergy eCase integrated case Management solution.

Synergy’s software solution is a single system for managing the entire case lifecycle from initial filing through disposition. It allows you to digitally transform processes and improve operational efficiency. Rapidly customizable toolkits support case filing and administration, document management, case scheduling, case tracking through workflow management, and analysis of case data.

The system intelligently guides users through the entire case lifecycle while allowing you to set unique user access permissions for each department, role, form, or stage of the case flow. With fully connected units and robust analytics, there is no opportunity for data fragmentation and miscommunication.

Why choose Synergy eCase integrated case management solution?

  • Benefit from automated workflows that guide users through daily activities and notify them of pending actions, improving overall efficiency.
  • Automate and streamline manual procedures to enhance record-keeping and reduce delays and case backlogs.
  • Take advantage of diverse analytical performance reports and detailed case audit trails for informed decisions and better resource allocation.
  • Connect agencies and institutions seamlessly, improving communication and reducing the likelihood of delays and processing errors.

Intelligent solution for the justice sector

Synergy Case Management System is efficiently used by governments seeking to improve the efficiency of justice sectors, reduce costs, and provide equal access to justice. The solution connects law enforcement, prosecuting agencies, courts, and corrections to facilitate communication and interaction between institutions and individuals, such as attorneys and litigants. It can be implemented to address the needs of a particular justice institution or a country’s entire justice sector – from a single court or a prosecution office to a sector-wide solution.

Key Features

  • Automated workflow processing
  • Role-based access
  • E-filing and online case data entry
  • Form and field generation
  • Legal template and document management
  • Audit trail
  • Calendar and task management
  • Advanced analytical reporting
  • Collaboration, messaging, and notifications
  • API gateway and integrations
  • Import/export capabilities
  • AI for case allocation

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