TCS BaNCS Cloud for Global Banking Platform

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A cloud-native core banking platform with best-of-breed components

TCS BaNCS solutions are predicated on the Digital First, Cloud First philosophy with the outcome being a modern platform in the banking and financial industry in a digital world. The TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform comprises innovative and adaptive digital apps and a digital core richly enabled for business supporting a wide range of products and services across asset types - assets and liabilities, cash, securities and crypto assets for a wide variety of use cases in the financial services industry. This solution accelerates the digital transformation of traditional businesses by unshackling them from the constraints of legacy technology and powering the ambition to play into the overall ecosystem powered with a rich catalogue of APIs. The TCS BaNCS solution maximizes your bank’s abilities to create solutions as per their needs and enables faster go to market opportunities and respond to disruption and threats while also being resilient.

The TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform is designed to give your customers the experience they are looking for through:
  • An API-First Platform – While APIs enable ease of integration delivering superior customer experience, TCS BaNCS’ Open banking capabilities help unlock the new business models of Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance.
  • A Digital First, Cloud First Core built for advanced core banking with out-of-the-box support for end-to-end lending, savings, deposits, payments, trade finance, fees, and pricing capabilities with a multi-currency ledger solution. Its componentized architecture enables rapid, agile development and ensures you to reap the benefits of continuous integration, deliveries, and continuous upgrades.
  • Ecosystem enablers – Continuously expanding the breadth and depth of solutions from the TCS BaNCS Marketplace for holistic solutions, aiding an outside-in approach and reimagination of customer life events through curated use cases.
  • Microservices-based solution for the future – The banking platform can be implemented as is or banks can pick and choose only components relevant to them. A microservices architecture enables the bank to carry out a well-calibrated transformation strategy, preparing them for the ‘next normal’ world.
  • Flexible configuration – This means faster personalization/tailoring of products and services and quicker time to market.
  • Cognitive technologies, driving personalization, insight-driven decision making and contextualization
  • Harness the power of data – Reap the benefits of a single-source-of-truth as an Enterprise Data Layer while crafting unique propositions through analytical insights
Largest Set of Functional Components for Universal Banks, Fintechs and Innovators - With TCS BaNCS, your bank can create a strong technology platform to bring in incremental evolution, with by far, the largest set of components with deep functional coverage.
A Cloud-native, Open, API-first Banking Technology – TCS BaNCS provides a cloud-native and open architecture embracing best-in-class principles, providing your technological landscape with a future proof edge.
The n-Tier, Java-based architecture adopts best practices such as:
  • Domain-driven, components based on functional cohesion, optimal granularity, and which are independently deployable and scalable
  • A catalogue of microservices meeting the right level of granularity as desired in packaged business capabilities
  • An open and well-defined data layer providing a single source of truth and generating insights
  • Strong and complete integration framework that includes adaptors for interoperability with evolving industry solutions, including those that are based on blockchain.
  • Compliance with global standards in banking technology and ecosystem integration

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