Sayint SaaS

yayıncı: Tech Mahindra Limited

Sayint transforms customer conversations into valuable insights on Azure Cognitive Services.

Sayint utilizes speech analytics, utilizing Azure Cognitive Services to help organizations analyze and audit calls automatically, providing insights into operations and integration with various departments. Sayint improves processes to capture missed product upsell opportunities, lowering post-sale issues, customer DSAT, and measuring compliance. 

Industries Served:


70% improvement in audit & compliance monitoring capabilities

30% more efficiency through custom email bot


32% improvement in customer retention score

81% reduction in manual call auditing effort

35% increase in sales conversion rate


4 second reduction in average handle time across 30,000 calls

$125,000 increase in savings


15% higher call center conversion

26% improvement in CSAT

Human Resources

$600,000 annual savings on support cost

Average turnaround time reduced from 2 hours to 12 min

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