Smart Green Drivers

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A Roadmap towards Net-Zero

Say hello to reliable transport emissions data and goodbye to manual quarterly and annual greenhouse gas data collection. Empower all your drivers to discover the impact of their behaviour with Smart Green Drivers. The ability to be carbon neutral as you work towards net-zero.

 Addressing climate change is a real global challenge that many companies have embraced and are actively working towards “Net Zero”. The Smart Green Drivers application has been built on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) adapted for Transport – (SDG’s 3, 7, 8, 12, 13) to provide a Carbon strategy framework that will create shareholder and stakeholder value. Based on these goals we provide targets and opportunities as well as the tools to capture and manage the data. 

Eco Driving Plan Benefits

  • All Scope I and Scope III Greenhouse Gas Emissions collected in real-time feed into a benchmark audit that allows company and individual targets to be set.
  • System can manage all the relevant policy, standards, and procedures for internal and external reporting eg.UK SECR, CDP (C6 and C7), GRI (305-1).
  • No need to install additional hardware - Optio smartphone application for data collection and individual driver feedback including My Footprint, My Notifications, My Driving (including expenses), My Alarm, My Places for security and routing.
  • Save money on your Insurance premiums, comply with your legal requirements, and make a positive contribution to reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
 Carbon Strategy Plan Benefits (includes above plus)

  • The plan provides for investments to be made in certified Economic, Environmental or Social projects that offset excess emissions i.e., a carbon neutral plan.
  • Vehicle details to manage servicing, maintenance, MOT's, insurance, breakdown, hire contract, vehicle status, health checks and costs, .
  • Driver details to manage, geo-fence alarms, driver risk profiling and fleet "loss ratio", accident and cost predictions as well as Power BI Reporting.
  • Optio smartphone application includes functionality for personal and business expenses data collection and management, My Friends functionality to provide "lift sharing", My Challenges and driver coaching based on AI Analysis and Cortana agent 
  • Add Optio-Eye dashcam for the automatic collection and storage of video footage 

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