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The new standard in digital assessment and interactive practice software

Testing, assessing and certifying students or candidates is an intensive task for educational institutes, test centres, governments, professional federations or HR consultancies. It demands a great deal of organization and it is often time-consuming to create and mark exams.  How can you deal with this in a cost-effective way, even when you have large groups or participants that are far away? How do you ensure that everyone is assessed objectively and that everything is conducted in a secure manner?

 is an end-to-end assessment platform used for authoring, scheduling, delivery, scoring and reporting of large-scale high-stakes exams. With assessmentQ you can successfully assess knowledge and skills, certify candidates and deliver corporate assessments or high school exams. The platform provides a 21st century approach to online evaluation with innovative question types for cognitive and performance-based testing, problem-solving, verbal and listening skills.


Flexible content creation

In the powerful assessmentQ itembank, you can create questions on any topic using the extensive gallery of question types. Make the difference with unique question types for language training, economy, math, chemistry or law. 

Media-rich items using audio, video and images

In every item, you can use images, audio, video and files to create a media-rich experience for your users, and keep the assessmentQ test both engaging and attractive.

Multi-mode delivery to meet your users' needs

assessmentQ's multi-mode delivery allows you to schedule exercises and tests in the user's personal portal. A wide range of delivery options lets you completely customise the delivery, and even select items dynamically from a larger pool of items.

Get insights and improve

assessmentQ provides detailed insights in the users' performance, both by means of pre-defined and customisable reports. Further, candidates can review their tests and authors get insights in the performance of an item in the Item Analysis.  

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