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Supply Chain Unveiled

The Owl Solutions

The Owl empowers supply chain management professionals to make better business decisions.

The Owl transforms transactional raw data from Client's sources into information that improves decision making. As a result, our Clients make more money. We care about ensuring our Clients get the industry's fastest, largest return on investment, thus we provide our platform on a subscription based model, which eliminates expensive hardware and software license investments. We help our clients by bringing their procurement, logistics, planning teams up to speed. Different from self-service BI software, our platform comes with pre-built dashboards that contain a curated set of recommended industry best practice metrics utilized by world-class organizations to measure end-to-end supply chain process performance.

The Owl platform was engineered for reliability, security and scalability, making enterprise-level technology accessible to business of all sizes.

Our solution is ideal for Manufacturing, Distributors, Retailers and Logistics companies. Our clients get significant return on investment (ROI) due to multiple benefits, such as:

  • Better management decisions: improved suppliers’ performance, right inventory levels, better service to customers, lower operational costs, improved sales forecast, etc.
  • Dramatic increase in productivity at work. People at all levels save multiple hours of low value-added activities such as data crunching and metrics maintenance.