Thingscare Remote Access

yayıncı: Thingscare Inc.

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TRA(Thingscare Remote Access) is a simple remote tool for KIOSK, Digital Signage and IoT Devices.

>Key Features
. Web based viewer on any platform (PC, Mobile)
. Intuitive UI/UX
. Light & Fast Performance
. Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux

. Dashboard – Alive/Connectivity Check(On/Off)
. Icon/List/Thumbnail View
. See live screen and capture
. Control keyboard and mouse
. File Transferring (Upload, Download)
. Terminal Window – Command Line Interface
. Intel AMT Features (Out Of Band Control)

>How it works
. Install a agent on each target devices (Window, Linux)
. Connect from any web browser to the agent via Gateway server
. Use common port (443, 80)

>Use case
. Remote Monitoring: KIOSK, POS and IoT Devices
. Remote Control for troubleshooting (KVM)
. Change BIOS Setting with Intel AMT
. Power On/Off remotely with Intel AMT

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