DIGITRAIL Fundraising Analytics

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An application built for a nonprofit organization that gives a 360-degree view of donor interactions

Our cloud-based analytics application plugs in the latest Microsoft Azure technologies and delivers them with a modern interface, making it your ‘go-to’ application for better fundraising.
With DIGITRAIL, track donor journeys, analyze profiles & performances, and automate campaigns using advanced analytics.

How can DIGITRAIL help?

Integrate with desired CRMs and Marketing apps to sync your data. Our pre-built connector brings together your data and transforms it into valuable information and insights.

Visualize fundraising campaign progress, year-to-date donations and more with real-time fundraising results by analyzing givings, identifying donor preferences, and monitoring donor contributions.

Identify donor profiles using custom filters for segmentation and track giving patterns to build a 360-degree view of donors.

Save time and increase donations with:
- Personalized Event and Content Recommendation and Campaign Automation powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence
- Donor Social Network Influencers

An NLP-powered chatbot for users to streamline donor interactions by:
- Interacting and automating workflow on Donor Management & Fundraising.AI
- Providing instant answers to your donor profile, donations, and campaign performance-related queries

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