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An analytics application built for the manufacturing industry integrating KPIs across departments.

What business challenge does Iconic address?

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to quantitative analysis. Supply chain, quality, process, and inventory management rely on standardized reporting with predefined tolerance levels.
The challenge, however, is to take all this analysis and align it to corporate objectives. e.g. how does a shipping exception decision made by a business unit affect corporate cash objectives? How should it normalize departmental MIS reporting and get all the business units to speak the same KPI language? How should it connect the data dots and provide not just diagnostic insights but also actionable predictions?

The Iconic Solution

Iconic is a prepackaged library of KPIs and interconnected dashboards with connectors to popular ERP, CRM, and BPM systems that integrate data across geography, currency, and product into a normalized data model optimized for analytics.
Iconic provides balanced scorecards that provide insights across revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, quality control, and waste management.
Key performance indicators and metrics include On-Time Delivery, Missed Revenue, Inventory, Downtime, Capacity Utilization, Defects, Customer Rejects, Missed Shipping Dates, % of Complaints, and many more.
Iconic also tracks new product development and launches to provide perspective on product development processes, success, and causation.

Key Features

- Manufacturing-optimized model supports balanced scorecarding and advanced correlations
- Library of industry standard KPIs and connectors to popular systems for plug-n-play
- Interactive dashboards with smart visualizations for trend spotting and predictive insights

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