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Thrive is a science-backed behavior change tool to improve employee well-being & productivity.

Drive Productivity Through Well-Being with Thrive for Microsoft Teams

Thrive’s approach to behavior change is about meeting people where they are and introducing employees to customized journeys designed to guide them through aspects of well-being where they need to focus most.

We've studied the science of behavior change and burnout to build a methodology for our comprehensive experience that not only results in positive well-being outcomes but also translates that impact into improved productivity and performance for corporate and frontline workers alike.

The Thrive platform is built to support positive, long-term behavior change by delivering real-time stress-reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Microsteps that help build better habits. Our platform is available across web & mobile as well as through a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams that embeds directly in the workflow employees are already using.

What makes Thrive different from other well-being and productivity solutions is our uniquely whole human approach. The comprehensive Thrive experience is equal parts human-led content & tech-guided experiences. Our in-person cultural activations & expert thought leadership create meaningful impact at milestone moments of both individual and organizational well-being journeys while our world-class software provides the daily intervention, encouragement, and guidance needed to make behavior change stick and return real results.

With customers across the Fortune 500 like Pfizer, Accenture, Walmart, Ernst & Young, Takeda, and CLA, users who engage with Thrive have seen positive upticks across well-being categories including productivity & employee engagement. Recent data from Thrive’s Daily-Check-in feature showed increases of:

  • 97% increase in healthy culture scores
  • 76% increase in productivity scores
  • 102% increase in employee engagement scores

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