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Innovative Vehicle Configurator for Automotive Sales Showrooms

TKW HoloConfigurator is a digital solution for HoloLens destined to increase brand awareness and cut down logistics costs.

1. Sales
As you are able to configure a car on the car manufacturer's website, the same ability is transformed to a innovative solutions inside the HoloLens glasses. Once we create a car model, it can be deployed all over the world at no additional logistics costs. If another car showroom has the glasses, the deploy is done with 1-click and the car is available in that showroom to; no need to bring physical cars in the showroom. Launching a new vehicle model comes with great logistics costs but with the HoloConfigurator and an open space, you may have several vehicles with no logistics costs at all locations.

- build the model once, show it everywhere
- brand awareness
- new models launches done easily without logistics costs
- Increase sales by allowing your clients to configure their won unique car right in front of their eyes

This solutions aims at the car manufacturers that want a new innovative solution for a virtual Showroom. Further, we are able to create the same solution to be available via the Smartphone store compatible with the AR technology allowing the customers to configure their own vehicle right at their homes or in their garages to visualize their dream.

This solution comes in handy for the Marketing, Sales and Operations departments of the Automotive companies.

2. Service
With this solution, you are able to train your mechanics on a different level using 3D models and visualizing real-life sized virtual vehicles and understanding how everything works on the new models and how the R&D engineers imagined the services.
We are able to create step-by-step trainings for the new mechanics without the need of the expert that is already on the field.

- no more wasted time by experts
- error-free environment
- reiterate unlimited times on the same action until the mechanic becomes an expert before going on field.

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