Tranxfer Secure File Sharing


The safest and easiest to use business solution for sending and receiving files

Tranxfer protects files directly from within Teams with end-to-end encryption to guarantee security, making files and their information inaccessible to third parties at all times. Its features include an Antivirus and DLP module, allowing different rules to be configured to prevent information leakage.
In all transfers, both sending and receiving information, Tranxfer calculates a checksum code, a unique identification (digital signature) that is maintained from the origin to the destination, guaranteeing that no third party has gained access.
Tranxfer is a tool designed to ensure the perfect balance between ease of use and complex advanced security features for both the user and the company administrator. Tranxfer's ease of use is superior to that of email and collaborative platforms, allowing greater control over files than other enterprise solutions and avoiding countless risks of both malware infection and human error.
Tranxfer guarantees the confidentiality of information by offering a protected channel with two-factor authentication and default deletion of all files.
Through the logs dashboard, Tranxfer offers traceability and auditing of exchanges, evidencing all downloads, accesses and transfer expirations.
Tranxfer employs end-to-end encryption. All your data traffic travels under SSL/TLS certificates. Data is encrypted and at rest under the AES-256 standard.

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