New World Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

yayıncı: Tyler Technologies, Inc.(1117330)

Powerful, easy-to-use solution for law enforcement, fire, and EMS dispatching.

Arm Dispatchers With the Tools to Accelerate and Improve Emergency Responses

New World Enterprise Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) manages single or multi-jurisdictional dispatching activities for law enforcement, fire, and EMS. This solution empowers dispatchers and call takers with rapid access to data, powerful mapping capabilities, and the ability to make global changes within seconds, so they can send the best response possible.

Share Data Automatically Between Disciplines and Jurisdictions

Share mission-critical data instantly between disciplines and jurisdictions and reduce the time spent calling communication centers and agencies during responses.
  • First responders see the same information as dispatchers
  • Updates made to a call for service are visible to dispatchers and officers in the field
  • Instant data flow between a dispatcher and first responders in the field
  • Information exchange is customizable by discipline and jurisdiction

    Keep Users Connected Throughout the System

    Agencies of all sizes have multiple users on a public safety system.
  • Increase multi-agency communication between agencies
  • Decreased radio transmissions
  • Streamline responses and increase accuracy
  • Make information regarding high-priority calls instantly available
  • Provide direct access to CAD narratives throughout the system
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