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uAssessment is a tool for continuous improvement for institutions of Higher Education because it is an automated, organized and coordinated way to manage information produced by graduation profiles, curriculum plans, and the academic program and syllabus for each course. This helps institutions structure curriculum programs in order to comply with the promises made to the students, reflected in their graduate´s profile.


  • Facilitates handling required information for the accreditation process because the syllabi information, course programs, study plans and graduate profiles are systematized.
  • Ensures coherence among the objectives set out in the graduate profiles and the learning and evaluation results of each course.
  • The time needed for review processes and study program and syllabi creation is shortened.
  • Helps to analyze the logic and structure of study plans through on-line reports.
  • Provides students all of the information so they can actively commit to their own learning process.


  • Both the syllabus and course program can be customized with items the institution considers to be relevant.
  • ​​System is accessible to the entire educational community, controlling access through user profiles.
  • Defines graduate profiles based on measurable and comparable skills in the progress records of each student.​​
  • ​​Record information such as academic structures, faculties, programs and courses are all flexible.
  • ​​Creates a customized revision workflow for syllabi, and the course and study programs.
  • Stores evidence of the competencies acquisition for each period.

This app is only available in spanish for the moment.

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