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Uncover the power of Relative Attractiveness to optimise your CX, grow your market share and uncover

Traditional customer analytics aren't delivering on the promise of improving differentiation and helping brands compete better. They tend to look inwards and focus only on the voice of the customer.

Uncrowd does things differently. We collect completely unbiased data, across the entire CX that allow you to track not only how you perform but crucially, how you stack up against your key competitors. It’s truly game changing.

Choose your subscription level and get started today, or alternatively book a demo today to uncover the power of Relative Attractiveness - Uncrowd’s (not-so-secret) CX weapon and the key to growing your market share. It's how you can better understand the frictions and rewards your consumers experience when shopping, not only in your stores, but crucially, when they shop with your key competitors too. Sound good?

The ultimate CX platform for modern businesses

Today's consumers have more choice than ever before. They can control where, when, and how to shop and are more discerning than ever about where they spend their hard-earned money. As a retailer, wouldn’t it be amazing to have data that shows you, without question which variables make you first choice with your target consumers over your rivals?

Uncrowd delivers just that. Unbiased, trackable data that highlights exactly how you can reduce churn, reduce costs, drive innovation, maximise spend, combat competitors and increase loyalty. 

The power of Relative Attractiveness

We focus on frictions and rewards – our unique way of measuring of all the variables that your consumers, and those of your key competitors experience every time they shop with you. Once you understand frictions and rewards, you can focus on improving your Relative Attractiveness, and start winning more shopper missions.

Book a demo today and experience how Uncrowd can:

  • Map out your consumer journey, using up to 82 variables to uncover the frictions and rewards that drive your success

  • Provide a clear view into how your key competitors performing

  • Offer an unbiased, accurate alternative to traditional CX metrics like NPS and CSAT

  • Show you which new brand activations can drive ROI and which you can cut with zero impact on your CX

  • Increase ROI and grow your market share.

And the results speak for themselves - Most retailers uncover at least $1m additional operating profit in the first three months of using the Uncrowd platform.

Know where to invest – and where to stop spending

Uncrowd supports you in making a clear plan, highlighting what you can start doing to realise millions in ROI but crucially, what you can stop spending on straight away with zero impact on your CX.

Our instinctive data visualisations can be used by every member of your team, making Uncrowd the only platform you’ll need to make better decisions about your CX, spend and risk assessments. It makes it simple to engage your internal stakeholders and saves precious time when managing complex transformation projects. If you’re tasked with improving your brand’s CX, you need Uncrowd.

Uncrowd and Azure

Integrated with Azure as part of your centralised budget management package, Uncrowd can be accessed immediately with a subscription directly contracted through Azure, so you can start realising the benefits of Relative Attractiveness straight away.

“We didn’t break customer analytics, but we have fixed them with Uncrowd”

Richard & Rocky, Uncrowd Founders

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