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Stay ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats with Varonis’ Enterprise Data Security Platform

Varonis’ data security platform delivers low-touch, accurate security outcomes. With powerful least privilege automation capabilities, data becomes more secure by the minute. Even when you’re not logged in, Varonis is classifying more data, revoking permissions, enforcing policies, and triggering alerts for our incident response team to review on your behalf.

Features of the platform include:

  • Data activity auditing - Varonis continuously monitors your environment and captures all the critical events you need — such as read, move, modify, and delete — to quickly detect threats and identify where data access is no longer needed/used.
  • Least privilege automation - Varonis makes intelligent decisions about who needs access to data and who doesn’t — continually automatically reducing data exposure at scale.
  • Data access intelligence - Varonis maps and normalizes permissions across SaaS and IaaS platforms into a simple create, read, update, delete, and share model (CRUDS). By correlating cross-cloud identities with privileges and activity, Varonis visualizes and prioritizes your biggest risks so you can proactively reduce your blast radius.
  • DSPM – Varonis shows you where sensitive data lives, if it’s exposed, and how it’s being used. Get a real-time view of your data security posture and drill into any user or group to see exactly what data they can access across your entire environment.
  • Data discovery and classification - Automatically and accurately classify sensitive and regulated data shared and stored across data stores and cloud apps. Dynamic dashboards and reports give you real-time awareness of your risk posture and help ensure you comply with relevant rules and regulations.
  • Discovery policy library – Varonis has a vast library of policies that go beyond regular expressions with proximity matching, negative keywords, and algorithmic verification to generate high-fidelity results.
  • Threat detection and response – Varonis gives you visibility into what’s happening with your data so you can quickly detect and contain threats that traditional security products miss.
  • Advanced UEBA models - Varonis’ behavioral-based threat models detect abnormal data activity in real-time — stopping threats to data before they become breaches.
  • Incident response team services - The Varonis experience includes more than just software. Our customers have access to various services, including proactive incident response, forensics, and Varonis Threat Labs, designed to drive effortless security outcomes. 
Data risk assessment – Varonis offers complimentary risk assessments to measure data exposure across your most critical on-prem and cloud-based data repositories. Request a risk assessment:

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