Verizon Azure IoT Central Cloud Connector


Verizon ThingSpace Cloud Connector for Microsoft Azure IoT Central

The Verizon ThingSpace Cloud Connector brings together Microsoft's Azure IoT services with Verizon's IoT ThingSpace platform and LTE connectivity, saving IoT integrators and builders hours of development time. Simplifying and accelerating the creation and deployment of complete end-to-end IoT solutions by providing all the critical components.

  • Verizon’s industry-leading 5G-ready LTE network - delivers secure, reliable, and scalable LTE-M & NB-IoT connectivity
  • Verizon ThingSpace IoT platform - manages connectivity and network services
  • Verizon IoT Devices (Microsoft Plug and Play Certified) - supports the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor (CAS), a GPS tracker with seven built-in environmental sensors
  • Verizon ARM Template for Azure IoT Central - enables the creation new IoT applications quickly and efficiently. 

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