FinConnect - One stop iPaaS offering for Finance Industry Integration demands

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Complete hybrid integration platform exposing services as an API for finance industry

With Finconnect, companies will be able to speed their integration development by upto 60%, reduce outages caused by unexpected issues to 70% and spend up to 60% less time managing and monitoring integrations - all while maintaining enhanced security, governance and availability

Finconnect edge over capabilities includes pluggable business use-cases for integration demand built over IBM Cloud Pak for integration and powered by automation & Observability features

Key Benefits

  • Ready to consume Business Services as Secured APIs
  • Low Code ion services
  • One license for product capabilities
  • Open Banking friendly APIs
  • Microservices architecture
  • Fully automated and extendable DevOps pipelines
  • Monitoring feature support to trace application, transaction and platform
  • Ready to use configurable business services covering key financial entities

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