Visual Registration System

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Complex timesheets - much easier

Complex timesheets - much easier ✌️

Tired of time consuming and complicated systems? With Visual Registration, you get time tracking, project management, resource management and holiday overview in one and the same tool. Completely automagic!

Super simple time lists and time registration

Clocking in should not be complicated. Press play and we start counting the time your employees are at work. The right salary at the right time is automated.

  • Can be used on Mobile, Tablet and PC
  • Sick days are registered in the app
  • GeoFence is possible
  • Overtime is registered automatically

Schedule shift lists easily

With our planning tool, you can easily make sure you have enough resources at work at all times. The employees get information about when they are going to work right in the app .

  • Your shift schedule is always up to date
  • Give employees the information they want
  • Easy change of guards
  • Easy to manage resources

Perfect for project management

You can divide the workplace into several departments with different tasks. Plan your resources into projects and keep track of registered hours. Then follow the project via app or computer and make adjustments as needed.

  • Cut time and costs in your planning
  • See goods or consumables used on projects
  • Full overview of the time spent in the projects
  • Allocate resources where you need them

Maintain routines with smart checklists

Create checklists that your employees can check off, either at start-up, through the day or at stamping.

  • Personal checklists
  • Checklists for different departments
  • Know that the tasks are done
  • Use photos to document

Keep control of your business with visual and intuitive reports

Keep track of what is important to you - whether it is the number of hours spent on the project, sick leave or other parameters. Build your own reports or use our standard reports for full control.

You choose what is important to your business

Intuitive reports provide the basis for future planning

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