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Co-creation - Collaboration and innovation for everyone to create business value within minutes.

Do you have great ideas in your organization that never sees the light of day? Vocean makes sure every great idea is taken care of by democratization of innovation. It unleashes the power of the many voices by radically involving and creating conditions for development. Involve anyone or everyone to close the gap between innovation and the rest of your organization.

With Vocean, you can co-create with others and make smarter decisions – use the collective intelligence to transform your company. You can reach out to others to develop a new product, see how your staff is doing, explore a new market and much more. Everything can be done with actors both inside and outside your organization. Vocean is also seamlessly integrated with Teams, which takes your digital meeting to a whole new level. With Vocean you can create a modern organization that empower your collaborators and employees, you get trustful insights from individuals, and most importantly – you move from silo mentality to horizontal understanding.

Co-create with people both inside your organization by inviting unlimited members to your account as thinkers or outside your organization as anonymous participants through sharing QR-codes and links from the platform. You can create an unlimited number of activities, build whole processes and generate reports as basis for decision making. With your license you can also involve everyone directly through Microsoft Teams.

Key Features

  • Easy anonymous participation through QR-codes and links
  • Build flexible realtime processes through the groundbreaking Workboard-system
  • Auto-generate fully fledged and editable reports of your whole process with just one click
  • Data-driven results in real time - filter, compare and drilldown into your participants contributions
  • Fully GDPR-compliant
  • Seamless integration in Microsoft Teams
    • Run Vocean in realtime before, during and after meetings
    • Add Vocean as tabs in chats/channels
    • Share for participation through our Teams bot in chats

Key Benefits

  • Involve anyone and everyone in finding and solving challenges and problem
  • Co-create and collaborate with your employees, customers, partners or suppliers
  • See and understand gaps between different areas of your business
  • Drive innovation processes with high involvement to ensure a successful implementation
  • Make wise decisions for your business based on the ocean of voices around you

Voices about Vocean

"Vocean is a new, innovative digital tool that allows you to conveniently capture feedback and process ideas. There is no limit to how many people can participate, and it is easy to compile all input into comprehensive reports. Vocean is the ideal digital tool for making everyone feel included, as well as helping organizations make smarter decisions."

- Liza-Maria Norlin, GovTech Sweden

"Innovation ecosystems can provide access to vital skills, knowledge and capabilities."

- Michelle Bazargan, Gartner

About Vocean

Vocean was founded in 2018 with the idea that innovation can not exist without brilliant ideas and effective collaborations. In today’s business landscape, we know that this is crucial! By co-creating digitally with Vocean, you make everyone’s voices heard and you collect several different perspectives that give you a good basis for decisions. In this way, commitment and involvement is created for employees and customers and you transform your organization into an agile and fast-paced business. Co-creating with Vocean enables development and growth.

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Vocean allows you to involve up to ten people in three activities each month for no cost. No installation required, just a few easy steps to register your account and you are on your way greatness.

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