VR Concept MS

yayıncı: VR Concept

Software for collaboration with digital twins based on CAD or BIM models in virtual reality

VR Concept is a software developer of virtual prototyping application to solve industrial challenges. Our mission is to provide users with the easy, fast, convenient VR application for collaboration and visualization of 3D, CAD, BIM,  models, easily scalable by big manufacturers. Own flexible 3D/VR engine is the core of the software.

Thanks to VR Concept, product development could become more efficient during design, engineering and manufacturing processes due to VR visualization of the future product in 1:1 scale and team work in VR, which help to approve changes faster and get rid of design errors and excessive costs. VR Concept is serving the construction, mechanical engineering, metal-working industry, education and retail industries.

Speaking about measurable benefits, it should be be said that due to VR Concept the business trip costs are reduced by 2 times. The total design time is reduced by 15-30%, the cost of equipment maintenance and errors  are reduced by 30%. The efficiency of communications and training is increased by 90%, and the operational characteristics of the facility are also improved.

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