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FaktoryWize Connected Operations Platform

FaktoryWize is an intelligent connected operations platform that consists of a suite of solutions to streamline manufacturing operations, improve operational efficiency and increase margins. Ride the next wave of Industrial Revolution with a comprehensive  platform that provides real-time 360-degree view into your shop floor operations.

FaktoryWize offers the FOUR primary solution Modules that addresses a Manufacturing Customer's business requirements:

  • Plant and Production Monitoring - Real-time visibility into manufacturing operations, Automated calculation of TPM losses, Downtime analysis, Automated SPC reports, Shop a & plant dashboards, Real-time alerts and notifications, Edge computing, Ai/Chat-BOT extensions, Integration with ERP & SCM systems, Quality management, Configurable platform

  • Plant Maintenance - Condition based monitoring, Automated Generation of Work Orders, Preventive & Autonomous maintenance schedules, Predictive maintenance models, Technician performance measurement, Technician Mobile App, Real-time tracking of work orders, Rules based alerts & notifications, Integration with ERP
  • Utilities Monitoring - Usage based cost accounting, Rules based alerts & notifications, Real-time usage reports, Integration with ERP, Supply side and consumption side analytics, Identification of leakages in distribution
  • Track & Trace - Track and trace of people, raw materials, finished products and Covid-19 distance maintenance as per distancing SOPs and contact tracing/reporting

FaktoryWize works in heterogeneous shop floor environments, discrete & continuous manufacturing process scenarios and supports multi-plant & multi country deployments.

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