Industry Business Solutions for Healthcare powered by Microsoft Fabric

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Wipro's value-based care Apps on the Industry Business Solutions for Healthcare powered by Microsoft

Decentralization of clinical trials has emerged as the new paradigm endorsed by the trial sponsors with an aim to accelerating the trials and enhancing patient & physician experience. Bringing trial activities closer to the patients requires a composable data and analytics framework with a resilient and secure IoT network. Generative AI will play a key role in processing huge volumes of data and providing insights to physicians via conversational experiences

About Wipro's Solution:
Wipro's Value-based Care Apps on the Industry Business Solutions for Healthcare are powered end-to-end by the Microsoft Azure technology and Microsoft Fabric stack. These Apps provide intuitive insights for healthcare providers, pharma companies and medical devices companies through AI/ML backed apps. These apps leverages Microsoft Fabric to enable drug safety, adverse event detection, issue monitoring and case management for pharma and healthcare clients.

Key Features:
  • These apps are built on the industry standard data model for healthcare, coupled with trained ML models for predictions or forecasts.
  • The Gen AI Assistant enabled front-end visualization layer built on Power BI makes it easy for CXOs or division managers to interact with the underlying data and intelligence in the most business-friendly manner.
  • The Gen AI assistant built-in for this apps can understand the voice and return the response, this helps the solution more accessible.
  • The apps are available on the Azure PaaS services and more recently on the Microsoft Fabric stack giving customers the flexibility of implementing these in the technology stack of their choice.

This solution summarizes relationship between training compliance and target, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for reporting and managing drug safety.

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