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Aware Monitoring


AI-Infused monitoring, compliance and culture protection that enables Office 365 collaboration

Aware by Wiretap seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business), Yammer and Groups, delivering exceptional classification, control and visibility into employee generated conversations and collaboration.

With Aware, your organization can: 

  • Enable compliance with regulations such as the GDPR, HIPPA, FINRA and more ...
  • Facilitate safe collaboration by monitoring shared files and materials for insider threats
  • Protect organization culture by uncovering harassment and other unacceptable behavior
  • Discover top performers and company champions who help reinforce workplace culture

Aware provides the ability to configure custom policies in order to identify and respond to incidents that are important to the individual organization. Organizations can even set automatic actions based on the triggering incident. Most importantly, custom policies are easy to create, reduce noise and don’t require IT support.

Enterprise leaders deserve tools that provide value and make decision-making simpler. Aware not only enables enhanced visibility, but also leverages a proprietary AI-infused classification engine to offer accurate, actionable insights from the vast amount of unstructured data housed within your organization’s Office 365 collaboration tools.