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Intelligent, Automated & Objective Interview Platform to select best Candidates saving Time & Cost

How do you know you’re hiring the best talent? Standard candidate vetting practices are no longer suited to our modern world hiring needs. Employers not only need information faster due to lack of time, they need the data to be rich, informative, and provide clear indications as to how the candidate would perform. With X0PA ROOM, organizations are empowered to attain, develop, and maintain a quality and effective workforce.

On-Demand Video and Text Interviewing Platform

Online video interviewing and analytics is transforming Human Resources as we know it. X0PA AI is an intelligent SaaS platform that aims to save significant time and cost of hiring while achieving the highest level of objectivity using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Transcripts of the interview are available and additionally text analytics analyses the choice of words and tone to provide text analytics. ROOM is available in over 72 languages.

    • Organizations can choose from a question bank to help guide the interview, or input their own
    • Tailor interview set up features such as deadlines for completion, time limits, or video retakes
    • Candidates simply start recording with one-click
    • No need to download any software or applications
    • Down to the final 3 candidates and unsure how to choose?

      X0PA ROOM’s video analytics feature provides clear and holistic information to the employer post-interview. Using Artificial Intelligence, the platform can pick up on subtle cues such as facial expressions and body gestures, producing a sentiment and emotional analysis for each candidate.

      Make the best hiring choice with X0PA ROOM – the tool that transforms workplaces, advances cultural fit, and accelerates employee motivation and satisfaction.

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