Pentest-4wks Assessment


Gain intelligence and insights into your organization's security by understanding how you can and are likely to be attacked, and what steps you need to take to protect your environment

More and more data breaches occur and it is critical that organizations invest in the quality of their security.

“Penetration Test is an assessment tool used to address the security needs of a computer system or network. You use a system, such as microsoft 365 to guarantee you security and applicability, such as in folders, files, confidential data, identity, apps, among many others, and you really need to ensure that they are also safe against various actions external sources, and that's where our PenTest comes in, which will help prevent possible attempts from outside your organization. It will provide insights, recommendations and next steps with a strategic plan based on approaches recommended by Microsoft security experts to improve the security posture of your Microsoft 365 environment and on-premises environments.”

The adaQuest PenTest helps you discover and prioritize vulnerabilities while providing remediation guidance for significant risk mitigation by understanding how you can be and likely will be attacked and what steps you need to take to protect your organization. PentTest will help identify areas where security posture can be improved by applying products from the Microsoft Defender family.

Note: PenTest also involves an ethical hacker actively trying to exploit any observed security vulnerabilities.

-> There are six types of Penetration Testing that collaboratively provide 360 ​​degree security for your organization's IT infrastructure: • Network Services PenTest • Web Application PenTest • Client side PenTest • Social Engineering PenTest • Wireless PenTest • Physical PenTest

-> PenTest Approaches:  White Box: Penetration Tester has full access to the IT environment.  Black Box: Penetration Tester does not have access to the IT environment.  Gray Box: Penetration Tester has partial access to the IT environment.

-> Penetration Test Process: • Recognition of the client's network and applications, mimicking the techniques used by an attacker; • Assessment and identification of potential vulnerabilities are collected; • Discovered vulnerabilities are measured and exploited using real-world tools and techniques; • Detailed report on vulnerabilities discovered and successfully exploited, along with remediation recommendations.

Why adaQuest? When it comes to Penetration Testing, you need an experienced partner.

adaQuest is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Security and Compliance and one of only 300 Microsoft Partners for FastTrack worldwide. We provide various policies, processes and technology assessments to help organizations gain a clear understanding of their security posture and make recommendations to reduce legal, reputational and business risks related to cybersecurity and data protection and more.”

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