On-Prem Dynamics to Dynamics 365: 1-Day Assessment

Altriva Solutions

Receive an expert assessment of what it will take for your organization to migrate from an on-premises Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365.

Interested in making the move to Dynamics 365? Migrating from an on-premises Dynamics CRM to an online Dynamics 365 solution (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service…) has numerous benefits including access to the latest releases, online-exclusive features, improved security and more. Altriva Solutions makes the process easier, faster and more efficient using a tried and tested methodology for on-prem to cloud migrations and an experienced team of Dynamics 365 consultants.

During your assessment, Altriva will get know your business processes and environments to identify your specific migration needs. Beyond providing technical expertise, our consultants can identify and recommend opportunities to enhance performance, review current processes, evaluate system usage and data volumes, identify plugins and integrations that may require revision, and provide insight into new, unused, and underutilized features.

The assessment also includes assistance determining which Dynamics 365 product is the right fit for your organization.


  • A custom migration proposal with implementation timeline and cost estimate

Contact us to discuss the details of Altriva’s migration assessment and to determine if it can be utilized for your organization.

About Altriva Solutions

Altriva Solutions is an award-winning business technology consulting firm. Its consultants are strategic and technical experts with an average of over 10 years of industry experience. Beyond being a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Altriva has been working with Microsoft Dynamics since the solution’s initial Alpha release.

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