Catalyst Envisioning: 1-Hour Briefing

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In this preparatory session, we take you through the initial steps of Microsoft Catalyst IDEA – Inspire. A first step to implement Power Platform and Dynamics 365 based solutions.

Dream big and think long-term to actualize your digitalization and reach your business goals.

Companies are facing new challenges - the digital transformation has just begun. Meeting and understanding your customers' needs and constantly working to strengthen your customer relationships is absolutely crucial today, in order to ensure sustainable growth over time and increase your sales. With the help of the Catalyst IDEA framework from Microsoft and CRMK's certified experts, we help you set a strategy for your Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing or Customer Service implementation. We use design thinking to generate and organize great ideas through creative and critical thinking exercises that create consensus in the organization and a clear common way forward to achieve goals faster and capture tomorrow's opportunities already today. During this 1-hour session, we introduce you to the first step "Inspire" and take the pulse of your organization and the challenges you have already defined.

What does this Briefing include?

  • Discuss current goals and limitations
  • Discuss the "Citizen Developer" capabilities
  • Discuss around what people from your organization that needs to be involved


  • Examples of applicable solutions that can be built using Power Platform and Dynamics 365.
  • Documented plan for suggested next steps.
  • Suggested agenda for workshop.


  • Insights how to meet business challenges and requirements with solutions built on Power Platform and Dynamics 365.
  • Understanding about what skills your employees need to have in order to get started.
  • Ready for workshop Envisioning CRMK Imagine and Actualize.

At CRMK, we are happy to help you, starting with setting a short- and long-term strategy to achieve the effects and business goals that you are looking for.

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