Threat Protection: 3-Wk Workshop


The Threat Protection Engagement assures customers of a proactive approach to managing and mitigating identified threats and discovered vulnerabilities.

• Are your legacy systems leaving your organization vulnerable to cyber threats?

• Are you struggling to manage the increasing volume of data and alerts while working within tight budget constraints to overcome cybersecurity threats?

• Do you have a clear strategy in place to address current and emerging threats to your organization's security?

Join the Threat Protection Engagement Workshop as the first step to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities to strengthen your organization’s posture.

*The price of the offer reflects eligible customers. Click on "Contact me" to check your eligibility. The standard workshop price is $ 12,000.

Threat Protection Workshop will be 3 Weeks long and includes the following activities:

  • Identify Key Security Objectives & Priorities Discovery & understand your security goals, efficiently allocate resources to mitigate risks on critical business operations.
  • Conduct Threats and Vulnerabilities Discovery Proactively strengthen your security posture, reduce the risk of breaches, and minimize potential damages.
  • Leverage a Dynamic Cyber Risk Management Solution Analyze your cyber-risk and cloud security posture, use real-time threat monitoring before threat escalate into security incidents, quantify each risk to prioritize issues and vulnerabilities, and automate response capabilities to minimize the impact of security incidents on business operations.
  • Leverage Microsoft Security Solutions (Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Azure AD Identity Protection) Enhance threat detection, improve response times to reduce downtime and potential damages associated with security breaches, and safeguard critical assets and data.
  • Provide Tailored Recommendations Receive actionable insights to address vulnerabilities and security gaps, mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity.

Reasons to Register Now:

• Limited Availability

• Access to Expert Guidance

• Demonstrate your Commitment to Security

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