Distributor Lead System: 4-Wk Implementation

InfoGrow Corporation

Go live within 30-days with a complete system for managing the distribution and follow-up tracking of leads to distributors account reps.

The hardest part in sharing leads with distributors is learning what action was taken on the lead; was the lead contacted? And is there a sales opportunity? The InfoGrow Distributor Lead System is completely built into Dynamics 365 online (Sales Professional or Enterprise) with automated email survey messages dropping out to the distributor account reps for their response. Distributors account reps can easily update their actions on the lead and manage all of their open and closed leads in a streamlined Dynamics Portal. Company marketers, account manager and sales manager are always aware of the lead’s current status through Dynamics dashboards.

Our Distributor Lead System provides the process and structure for you to know your ROI on sharing leads.

Automated internal process of lead assignment activities for lead distribution:

  • Lead assignment email templates
  • Automated email lead status follow-up survey drips to distributors
  • Distributor portal for lead management and a foundation for other information sharing
  • Lead statuses recorded with the lead and lead source for marketing, account rep and manager review and additional reporting
  • Hands-on lead management process consulting throughout deployment
  • Training and extensive User-Acceptance Testing

Note: Additional SA required.

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