Improve Dynamics 365 Installation: 3-Wk Assessment

Inway Systems GMBH

With Inway Dynamics 365/AX Performance and Architecture Check-Up you can speed up your system.

Are you planning to extend your current Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment? Your system is too slow and based on your infrastructure; you know more speed is possible. Then improve your Dynamics 365-installation with this service.

With recommended Best Practice Configurations in mind, we analyze your Dynamics 365 installation, instantly realize quick wins and prepare the base for a faster system – within 3 weeks.


Week 1

  • Capturing of your infrastructure
  • Implementation of our performance tools
  • Best practice checks
  • Monitoring / data gathering

Week 2

  • SQL Server analysis (e.g. index usage, long running queries)
  • Monitoring / data gathering
  • First discussion and presentation of already identified issues

Week 3

  • Application analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Documentation
  • Final presentation of results and our recommendations


  • We analyze your configuration, sizing, architecture and the performance of your environment.
  • We identify the causes, why your system is under performing and work out recommendations for actions to take.
  • We assure, your Dynamics AX/365 (on-premises) installation is set up according to Microsoft’s Best Practice Recommendations.
  • We provide specific recommendations to optimize your existing or coming installation.

The topics we work on

  • AOS Sizing & SQL Server Sizing: Regarding your transaction requirements, are the Application Object Server and SQL Servers equipped with adequate system resources?

  • Best Practice Configuration: AOS, SQL Server, database, office integration, help system, development environment.

  • Operating system indicators (e.g. event logs): AOS and SQL Server configuration, identification and measurement of DB server indicators, SQL Server maintenance plan, performance results.

With a more detailed analysis we measure transaction performance and SQL IO. In particular, we analyze the SQL Server capabilities.

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