Dynamics 365 security audit: 2 day assessment

MAQ Software

Secure your data and collaborate with confidence by joining us for an in-depth audit of your Dynamics 365 environment

During our 2-day assessment, we will evaluate your existing Dynamics 365 environment to identify risks and propose solutions that will strengthen your platform security. MAQ Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Preferred Supplier for data and cloud platforms. Through hundreds of Dynamics 365 implementations, we have developed proven best practices that enable our Fortune 500 clients to secure their sensitive data and collaborate with confidence.

Who Should Join?

  • IT Managers
  • Security Admins
  • Data Architects
  • Engineers


Day 1: Evaluation

We will work with you and your team to understand your business domain, requirements, and existing Dynamics 365 architecture. We will evaluate your:

  • Organization’s access to Dynamics 365
  • Business units
  • Security roles & privileges
    • Out of the box security roles
    • Custom security roles
    • Roles & entities with share privileges
  • Field security profiles
  • Assess the following against our proven best practices (numbers indicate assessment capacity):
    • Business units (1-5)
    • Security roles (1-10)
    • Field security profiles (1-5)
    • Custom entities on top of default entities of Customer Engagement solution (1-10)

Day 2: Risk Assessment & Solution Proposal

  • Identify security risks
  • Propose solutions
  • Prepare a comprehensive audit report that includes all of our findings, solutions proposals, and best practice recommendations


At the end of our 2-day assessment, you will receive a comprehensive audit report that includes:

  • Details regarding your existing security risks
  • Our proposed solutions
  • Recommendations to reinforce your security best practices

Note: This offer does not include solution development or customization. If you are interested in these services, we are happy to provide estimates.


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