Power BI Insurance Dashboard Accelerator: 6-Wk Assessment & Implementation

Prelude Systems Inc

Accelerate your insurance analytics with Power BI Accelerator: Rapid adoption and customizable dashboards for quick insights.

The Power BI Insurance Accelerator is a package of several pre-built data models, data sets, and visualizations that will optimize the claims management processes, detect fraudulence claims more accurately, and boost sales and employee performance. Our accelerator package is built with a simple user experience and rapid adoption capability.

The built-in claim fraudulence detection analytics is based on eight proven data science algorithms such as Gradient Boost and Random Forest. It enables business users to visualize and analyze complete claims data across accuracy, precision, claim recall, and F1-score dashboards. These dashboards have ideal chart types for corresponding segments, such as treemap to understand sales by policy type, stacked column chart to see no. of clients by policy type, pie charts to check claims status, and more. The interactive filter selection option across the dashboards narrows down the search.

The insurance industry faces various challenges that impede progress, such as:

  • Lack of standardized reports and KPIs, making it difficult to track performance and progress
  • Siloed reporting infrastructure, with data dispersed across Excel, SSRS, and other reporting tools
  • Time-consuming data analysis and predictive model building, leading to delays in time to market
  • Difficulties collaborating and sharing reports within teams
  • Manual report execution, which can lead to data errors and inaccuracies

Business Benefits:

  • Extensible, pre-built, and plug-and-play data models easily map with customer data models and speed up the process.
  • Built-in sampling techniques and claim fraudulence detection analytics are based on eight proven data science algorithms.
  • Easily customizable reports and dashboards with various chart types and filter selections to improve data visualization.
  • Centralized and standard reporting structure with 45-60% functional coverage for the insurance domain.
  • Simple Excel to Power BI migration allows users to access extensive collaboration and sharing features quickly.
  • Highly improved performance compared to Excel, SSRS, and other legacy reporting tools resulting in better, faster, and more accurate analysis.
  • Predictive visualizations with Python-based analytical data models allow users to create custom predictive models.
  • Near real-time data synchronization ensures that reports are always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Insurance industry dashboards and reports are built based on insights from industry experts and extensive research.

Note: The cost provided is based on our experience with similar programs. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline once we have evaluated your specific needs and requirements.

The cost includes one week of assessment and five weeks of delivery for four dashboards, including two highly complex and two medium complexity dashboards.

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