CRM Accelerator for Sales: 5-Day Workshop

XRM Vision

Enhance your CRM usage to unleash your full sales potential.

Is your CRM solution being used to its full potential? Our 5-Day Accelerator Workshop will equip your sales managers, so they can take advantage of the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Sales. Together, we will analyze and improve your current processes, and above all, configure your CRM solution. This will integrate your sales and support processes within your existing CRM solution.


  • Eliminate the use and continuous updating of Excel sheets
  • Increased understanding of each step of the sales cycle by your representatives
  • Daily management of sales opportunities, according to established criteria
  • Overview of key sales performance indicators (KPIs) in dashboards
  • Optimized cross-selling and up-selling strategies via CRM
  • Effective management of the territories and allocation of accounts receivable
  • Allocation and monitoring of objectives and sales budget per individual


Day 1

  • Interviews and workshops with management to understand the reality of the business
  • Process and sales cycle analysis
  • Review of the practices and procedures related to the management of opportunities
  • Review of cross-selling and up-selling strategies

Day 2

  • Analysis of the KPIs
  • Review of territories and allocation of accounts and prospects
  • Analysis of budgets and sales objectives

Day 3

  • The configuration of features and customization of forms in the CRM
  • The configuration of automation and business processes
  • Dashboard creation for sales managers

Day 4

  • Data import
  • Tests and adjustments to configurations

Day 5

  • Training of users
  • Individual coaching for managers


  • A CRM solution that allows you to better track activities and sales opportunities
  • Automation that accelerates and makes sales activities more efficient
  • A dashboard with key performance indicators for sales managers
  • Users trained in the use of CRM in a management mode

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