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Fully integrated Document Management in your business processes

Why do you need an intelligent document management solution?

In their day to day work people in your organization spend about 20% of their time looking for information and documents from all kinds of different sources: e-mail, paper, internal working documents, etc. To make things more difficult much of that information is inherently unstructured, making it difficult to retrieve.

That's why you need a central information hub that serves as a single point of truth and that structurizes all the information going around in your organization, from physical paper flows to full electronic communication.

How does 9A Raptor Document Warehouse help you achieve this?

9A Raptor Document Warehouse is an Intelligent solution that consolidates information across business applications such as PLM, ERP, CRM or any other application and brings structure to that information. It can easily support processes that are not confined to a single business application. It can manage complex relations between different entities in your organization and enables you to search through different dimensions and locations, all the while obeying correct, but dynamic context based security.

So stop wasting time looking for a document you attached in Dynamics 365 for Sales while working in Dynamics 365 Business Central, Teams or any other Dynamics or Power Platform app. With 9A Raptor Document Warehouse you will simply see the same document linked to all relevant entities across these business systems. 9A Raptor Document Warehouse intelligently adds context to your documents while you're working in your daily processes.

Most important features:

  • Enterprise-wide document repository/Omnichannel information hub
  • Intelligent taxonomy-based document metadata
  • Context based security
  • Out of the box integrations with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint Online, Power Platform,...).
  • Flexible storage locations (Azure Blob Storage, SharePoint Online, …)
  • Open architecture for easy integration by using our API
  • Full SaaS experience on Microsofts Azure platform
  • Ready to benefit configuration for all Dynamics 365 apps (Finance, Supply Chain, Business Central, Sales, Customer Service...)

Part of the 9A Productivity Suite

9A Productivity Suite is an ecosystem of several apps that are built to improve document and/or electronic message related processes and improve your productivity. It consists of solutions to extend the standard Dynamics 365 platform document creation and distribution functionalities, support for EDI flows, enhance your purchase to pay flow and an extended document management solution.

This product is developed by 9altitudes. A European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in Belgium (Ad Ultima Group, Admiral Dynamics), The Netherlands (Pylades, Cayentis, Add-IT), France (Ad Ultima France), Denmark (Optimate, Bredana Solutions, Econocap, Dynalogic), Slovenia (Innito), Portugal (Integral), Spain (Integral) and Turkey (Integral).

The group has in-depth knowledge of ERP, IoT, PLM, CRM, DMS and Business Analytics. The philosophy of the combined group is to be a long-term partner strengthened by the world class proven platforms of Microsoft and PTC.

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