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This app offers e-ledger functionality for Turkish legislation.

With the arrival of Digital Transformation, a large part of manual works of the businesses started to be performed electronically, accelerating the migration to the digital. It has become inevitable for companies to use the e-transformation applications. And e-ledger application as one of the e-transformation applications became a part of our daily lives. Let’s start by the “what is e-ledger?” and then answer all questions you are curious about, such as “for whom e-ledger is mandatory“, “what are the benefits of e-ledger solution“. If you want detailed information, you can contact us now.

  • The time spent for creation of the physical journal and general ledger are at the minimum levels with e-Ledger application. It helps staff use their time more productively and efficiently.
  • Employee cost is also minimized as digital transactions reduce the need for labor.
  • With E-Ledger application, regular amounts periodically paid for attestation and printing of the ledgers. It also eliminates the costs of notary attestation and print-out.
  • It also reduces the costs arising from correcting mistakes.
  • Since document standards are in the international format with E-Ledger, it brings convenience in terms of working, order and compliance principles.
  • E-ledger eliminates the physical book-keeping requirements, meaning that it saves paper and is eco-friendly.
  • You will save archive costs, namely space and time costs required for storage of the ledgers as E-Ledger application performs archiving electronically.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the
Essential and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business

Supported Countries:


Supported Languages:

This app is available in
English (United States) and Turkey (Turkish)

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