Scoro Connector

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Synchronize customer, sales invoice and product data between Scoro and Business Central

Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Scoro

Have valuable information moved unnoticed and easily from one business software to another. Move data between Scoro and Business Central within just seconds. Customer information, products, resources and sales invoices delivered for your need. 

Key benefits

  • Stop manual data entry between two software`s

  • Get sales invoices from Scoro in seconds

  • Synchronized customer, resource and product libraries

Key features 

  • Products synchronized to effortlessly compose sales invoices.

  • Business Central products moved to Scoro for an easier sales process

  • Sales invoices smoothly published to Business Central for easier accounting

  • Resources synchronized to Scoro for better sales

  • Manage all your invoices on one platform

  • Save time from data collecting 

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries

This app is available in all countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available

Supported Languages

This app is available English (United States)

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