ACT Report Localization Pack


Your data, your way - with all the report formats Smart Leaders need the most.

Connecting the dots between data that resides in your system doesn't always go your way, especially if the data doesn’t reside in or the relationship between input forms are not pre-established in the system.

With the ACT Report Localization Pack, your data works for you, the way you need it, in predefined reports tailored to what business leaders truly want to know.

The best part is: there’s no customization needed!

Highlighted Features

    • Enhanced predefined report templates that give you better insights and intelligence so that you can understand your business better.
    • Advanced inventory tracking with additional user-defined fields capable to handle a wide range of input values that even carry through to your Item Ledger Entry – ensuring your data remains usable in intelligence gathering.
    • Manage cash customers and walk-in deals more efficiently with the Cash Customer and Cash Bill function that allows you to truly capture the details of every customer you engage with.
    • Confidently track all your current debt obligations to your customers and vendors with landed costs records factoring directly into your existing invoices issued.

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Supported Editions

This app supports all editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Malaysia, Singapore

Supported Languages


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