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Veterinary practice management software

Using too many veterinary clinic software platforms to run your clinic? Reduce your tech stack and your admin costs with SoftVet, the all-in-one veterinary practice management software!

As a veterinary clinic owner or manager, you’re likely using multiple software products to manage all clinic functions. The struggle of course is that none of the software is connected. Not only is this inefficient, but as you know, it makes any sort of meaningful reporting very difficult.

SoftVet is an all-in-one Veterinary Practice Management Software specifically designed for large and mixed animal practices. This cloud-based veterinary clinic software is built on Business Central 365 and is the first of its kind to bring the full power of an ERP solution to the vet clinic level.

Customers of SoftVet typically reduce their tech stack by 50% or more and reduce Admin costs by an average of 20%. Not to mention, the robust reporting capabilities provided by SoftVet are unparalleled in the Veterinary clinic management space.

· Using a 3 party scheduling software that isn’t connected to anything?

o Our advanced visual scheduler can tackle the most complex scheduling requirements and is fully connected to Business Central 365 automatically generating a Sales Order for each appt booked.

· Still using paper forms during onsite Vet calls?

SoftVet is Mobile Friendly, eliminating the need for paper forms and it’s Offline Mode enables onsite vets in remote locations to capture all appointment details even when there is no connectivity. Once connectivity is restored, all details are automatically pushed back to the vet clinic software.

· Medical records housed in various locations?

With our one of a kind veterinary practice management software, complete details of all appointments (including Vet notes, images, docs, etc.) are captured and archived by customer and date allowing for easy future reference.

· A/R effecting cashflow?

Reduce invoice lag time by getting invoices out to your customer before your Vet has even left the Farmer’s driveway. The quicker you get invoices in the hands of your customers, the sooner you get paid!

· Want to run like a top tier clinic?

SoftVet’s full ERP backend provides the ultimate in veterinary clinicmanagement and reporting tools. Easily manage all clinic functions from scheduling to sales, prescription management, inventory, financials and medical records all from one place.

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