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Lanham EDI manages your trading partner compliance inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Lanham EDI: Beyond Simple

Begin your day with orders and end it with invoices, all compliant with your trading partners, and all inside Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central.

Implementing the many aspects of trading partner EDI requirements can seem daunting, but with Lanham EDI it does not have to be. Whether you’re setting up a new trading partner or responding to changes with an existing one, Lanham EDI gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently comply with customer or vendor changing requirements.

If you are working to engage new customers or want to avoid hefty chargebacks from trading partners, Lanham EDI can help! No need to worry about complicated EDI requirements disrupting your business.

Lanham EDI takes a unique approach by incorporating the mapping and cross reference functions inside your business system for the most efficient EDI, eliminating external translation. This streamlined process provides a consistent user interface and access to key data from anywhere in the system.

Complex Document Support

Lanham EDI supports a wide range of the most complex EDI documents. With 20+ years in the market, it is the most experienced EDI solution for D365 Business Central.

EDI Standards

Lanham EDI fully supports the X12, XML, automotive, UCS, and EDIFACT standards, as well as delimited files. Many industries have their own unique EDI requirements as well. Lanham EDI operates across all of these standards, and provides appropriate labels whether they are GS1-128 (UCC 128), AIAG or other custom package or item labels.

With Lanham EDI you can communicate directly with trade partners or use the Lanham VAN to communicate in a wide range of configurations.

EDI Options

With Lanham EDI you have options. You can implement your own trading partner maps, have your Business Central partner do your trading partner mapping, employ Lanham Services to do your mapping or outsource your entire EDI workstream to Lanham Services.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and see why Lanham EDI is Beyond Simple!

Supported Editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium editions

Supported Countries

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland

Supported Languages

This app is available in English (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), English (Netherlands), English (Sweden), and English (Ireland).

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