NP Entertainment

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Get an all-in-one solution for museums and other attractions!

NP Entertainment is an all-in-one ticketing and membership management system that streamlines sales and the validation of tickets and memberships. With our solution, you can create ticket types for all kinds of events and venues, and manage ticket sales in the Business Central database. It’s also possible to create various types of memberships defined by their benefits, duration, upgrade capabilities, and renewal policies. Additionally, you can create, monitor, and keep track of group events, book guide resources, and create invoices from events. During events, guests can make purchases from restaurants or shops, and add these items to an open sales order. All data from the ticket sales, stores, and cafés is collected and managed in Business Central.

Automate sales processes, ticket validation, and member management with NP Entertainment!

The NP Entertainment solution has four modules:

  • NP Ticketing & NP Ticketing Online: The NP Ticketing module enables you to issue tickets directly from the POS in a simple and effective way. The system allows you to create and modify ticket types, such as standard tickets, family packages and guided tours. With the NP Ticketing Online module, you can manage ticket sales through an online store, which is a subpage of your home page. While guests can purchase tickets from home or on the go, you get a complete overview of ticket sales as the online store and the physical ticket sales synchronize to the same database in Business Central.
  • NP Member Management & NP Member Management Online: The NP Member Management module works in conjunction with Ticketing as it automates processes related to handling loyalty cards and memberships. With this module, you can create member clubs, tiers, manage memberships, create both physical and digital membership cards, and analyze membership statistics to improve your services. With NP Member Management Online, customers can buy memberships in your online store. When a new membership is registered in Business Central, the new member receives an email with a username and password for the online store. Now the member can shop with discounted prices or choose from a special selection of merchandise. In this way you can both sell more and reward loyalty.
  • NP Event Management: The module helps you monitor and keep track of group events. NP Event Management enables you to create events in Business Central that form the basis for customer agreements. Each confirmed event is booked in your calendar and can send meeting requests, alongside with event details, and internal guidelines. If the event is changed or rescheduled, calendar bookings update accordingly, and the customer is notified. This enables you to reduce the workload related to the administration and coordination with both customers and employees.
  • NP Self-service: The module allows you to create a good customer experience and utilize self-service ticket kiosks for ticket purchases at the entrance. Your visitors can easily select the number of tickets on the touch screen and when they finish their payment, the tickets are printed. Visitors are now ready to scan their tickets at the entrance. The ticketing kiosk is fully integrated with Business Central and has access to the entire ticketing system, including capacity management. This means you don’t risk overselling if only a certain number of tickets are available – even if tickets are sold from ticket counters, the web store, and self-service ticket kiosks.

The NP Entertainment module is built on top of the NP Retail solution and its main purpose is to assist museums, amusement parks, carnivals, trade fairs, and any sort of venue that sells tickets or membership.

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