Production Batching

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Split production orders into production batches.

Production Batching, from FoodCloudPlus, is a Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central app that provides you with a suite of capabilities to accomplish a production order through batches. The app enables you to calculate batch size using predefined formulas, break down the production order into batches, post consumption per batches, and post output quantities and/or run times for each batch.

Types of Users
  • Production Employee

  • Production Planner

  • Production Manager

Customer Needs

Many manufacturers in the food industry perform their production orders through multiple batches. They use production batches for better traceability, higher quality, better inventory management and capacity utilization. Through production batching a production order quantity is split into smaller groups with the same BOM (bill of material) and routing. The smaller group of production quantity is called production batch calculated by a specified formula. Various methods of calculation are used to calculate production batch size ranging from equal to optimal logic. The user applies a variety of calculation methods depending on the situation. When a production batch is manufactured, the user would like to report the output to the ledger, register the consumption of its components, and track the entries.

Key Features and Functionality 
  1. Ability to choose batch numbering format. The user has the option to choose numeric or alphabetic format for batch number.

  1. Ability to define a variety of production batch calculation codes. Five generic batch size calculation methods are deployed in the system, the user can choose a method and set its parameters to generate a customized calculation method for a specific situation.

  1. Ability to assign a production batch calculation code to a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). The user has the possibility of assigning a specific calculation method to the combination of item/variant and location.

  1. Ability to calculate production batches for production order lines. With this capability the system will calculate production batches for each production order line and assign it a number based on numbering format.

  1. Ability to view production batches of a production order line. The user can view the list of production order batches of the production order lines along with detailed information of the production batches.

  1. Ability to register output per production batch. The user can post the output of a production batch to the ledger and view the posting information through Production Batch Item Entries and Production Batch Capacity Entries.

  1. Ability to post consumption per batch. The user can report the consumption of components of the production batch to ledger.

Supported Countries
United States

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