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Law practice management software for Law Firms, Accounting Firms and other matter-based businesses

Pursuing a straightforward intake assessment that also helps you set up matters in the blink of an eye? It’s not only a matter of time, but of consistency and compliance.

How challenging is it to get all time tracked considering the amount of parallel work assignments lawyers deal with? How much precious time is being spent on manually controlling all time entries and descriptions? Keep in mind that it’s time that could be spent on billable client work.

Instead of relying on separate systems or evenspreadsheets, manage your matters and clients within the financial system. From the intake process including KYC and COI requirements through a smoother time registration and submission up to value-based invoicing and revenue recognition. Avoid duplicity of data and effort and finally have all theinformation in one single place.

Several studies and surveys confirm that law firms that use legal practice management software were able to improve their efficiency and profitability. Specifically, they were able to bill 23% more hours what transformed into collecting 39% more revenue. Overall, these studies suggest that practice management software can help law firms and accounting firms to increase revenue, productivity, profitability, and client satisfaction.

Whether you work at a law firm or at an accounting firm, streamline your business with pryme Matters. Get the most out of a fully integrated practice & financial management, end-to-end:

      • Simplify your client intake process and benefit from full traceability from the onboarding to the ongoing due diligence.
      • Create matters compliant with KYI and COI approval processes in less than a minute.
      • Use the start/stop time tracker or update your timesheet with booked tasks as work is completed.
      • Make use of pre-defined descriptions and description rules to easily include value-adding texts to your invoice specifications. Provide thus a more detailed account of the work performed.
      • If necessary, adjust invoiced amounts by obtaining pro-rated calculations and re-evaluations based on performance and distribute the resulting amount among the contributing resources.
      • Automatically calculate WIP and post it to the GL for a correct income statement.
      • Make informed decisions based on trustful information coming from a single source: full business insights.

Feature highlights

  • Intake assessment: integrated with any KYC software and due compliance, check for COI, etc.
  • Simple creation of matters: use the quick guide setup or templates to create compliant matters that take into account task structure, associations, deadlines, team members, referrals, acquireres, workflows, etc.
  • Easy time entry: track all time up to the second thanks to the start/stop timer, convert the tracked time into timesheets, auto-create time entries based on work assignments, get notified by email to review and submit timesheets, make use of pre-defined descriptions for better invoice specifications.
  • Enhanced invoicing process: from invoice revaluation through excess time billing to WIP, automate and streamline your billing.
  • Full business insights: comprehensive analysis and reports including client engagement report, resource time analysis, timesheet status analysis, and commission analysis, among others.

  • Supported editions

    The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Supported countries

    Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, US, Canada, Australia

    Supported languages

    English, Spanish and Swedish

    Built on (Progressus) Advanced Projects.


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