AXTEND Credit Management


Extends Dynamics 365 for Operations by adding functionality to thoroughly manage customers' credit.

AXTEND Credit Management extends Dynamics 365 for Operations by introducing set of rules and gates that allows you to thoroughly manage your customers' credit. The rules control a credit calculation to determine if orders should be released or placed on credit hold. The gates define where AXTEND Credit intersects with the standard Sales Order and Production processes.

The credit calculation engine parameters are:

  • Customer credit limit
  • Temporary credit limit
  • Excluding sales orders with configured payment codes
  • Default credit status for orders based on customer
  • Assign rules at customer or company level
  • Setup limit for bypassing, either by amount or percentage
  • Days expiring order release
  • Automatically stopping infrequent customer orders
  • Past due parameters
  • Configure when and where orders are evaluated
  • Exclude outstanding debts with selected collection statuses

The gates where AXTEND Credit can intersect with the standard Sales order and Production processes are:

  • Sales order header
  • Sales order lines
  • Order confirmation
  • Order picking
  • Order packing
  • Order invoicing
  • Starting production order