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Integration Cockpit

Visionet Systems, Inc

4.0 (1)

Centralized management and monitoring for third-party integrations, error logging, and file handling

Integration Cockpit

Visionet Systems, Inc.

Centralized management and monitoring for third-party integrations, advanced error logging, and file import/export Integration Cockpit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a collection of valuable utilities that simplifies the management of third-party integrations, provides a detailed error logging framework, and streamlines file import and export. It helps reduce integration time, simplifies integration monitoring, and is in line with Microsoft’s evergreen, one-release format. Integration Framework Key Capabilities

    • Easily add and enable or disable particular third-party API integrations
    • Enable or disable specific interfaces within each integration
    • Set endpoint URLs and credentials
    • Access detailed logs, including the actual XML requests sent and responses received by each integration interface
    • Configure an error notification email template and recipient list for each interface

Error Logging Framework Key Capabilities

    • Displays a list of each error generated by all custom code in your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation
    • Provides the exact line, method, stack trace, and message associated with each unhandled exception
    • Configure an error notification email template and recipient list for each error type

File Handling Framework Key Capabilities

    • Migrate data through Azure web jobs and blob storage into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation’s data management framework
    • Easily map data fields and configure file location and type
    • Schedule recurring data transfers
    • Log all data import/export events
    • Email notifications inform users about transfers


    • Reduces implementation time, effort, and cost
    • Simplifies integration monitoring
    • Accelerates debugging for custom code
    • Email alerts for errors reduce response times