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Online food ordering and back office solution for restaurants with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Amicis Lifestyle, a complete end-to-end solution for restaurants, now takes your operations to the next level by extending the e-commerce capabilities within the Dynamics 365 Commerce platform for online food ordering. With Amicis Lifestyle’s e-commerce extension, restaurants can offer online food ordering with all the essential customer facing and back office functionality while taking advantage of the features that the powerful Dynamics 365 Commerce platform delivers, such as AI-driven customer insights, product recommendations, loyalty and curated lists, advanced analytics and reporting, localization and fiscal integration, data security and fraud protection.
Get up and running in no time and benefit from the essential features your customers expect:
  • Online ordering for delivery or pick up at the nearest location or the restaurant of choice and track order online, via email or mobile notifications
  • Access restaurant loyalty programs and view order history, see product ratings and reviews
  • Customers can make modifications and substitutions to their online orders and view nutrition and allergen information that is updated in real time as they make a change, or bypass customization of their order and add directly to cart
  • Offer combos and meal bundles, advertise the latest promotions, and upsell and cross sell via AI driven product recommendations, curated lists and more
Back Office Key Features
  • Menu Management: Centralized management of menus by hierarchy, multi-level categories and sub-categories dynamically displayed to all channels
  • Inventory: Accurately adjusted in real time and tracked as customers make modifications and substitutions to their orders
  • Kitchen management: Automated order routing through configurable kitchen workflows, capacity management and real-time metrics to react to performance data
  • 360 view of customer: Online customers are automatically added to stores
  • One Version: One database for end to end data management. Publish items to stores and e-commerce from one source and make changes in near real time across all channels
  • Delivery Management: Driver app (Android and iOS), driver chat, automate driver pay, auto-dispatch to drivers based on specific criteria, tailor criteria by site, create and split drivers into teams, create and manage campaigns and measure performance, manage it all in an intuitive dashboard with live stats and intelligent reporting

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